Jon Etter, author of

Those Dreadful Fairy Books series

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cherrita over the last three or four years on my three-book series 'Those Dreadful Fairy Books' for Amberjack Publishing/Chicago Review Press. Working with her has really elevated my writing. Her edits are keen, specific, and shrewd, and she shares them in a really positive, constructive way. Cherrita will always be my first choice." 

Lorri Horn, author of

Dewey Fairchild series

“Cherrita Lee has a knack for making her writers feel good while she goes ahead and suggests changes that make them better. She's super knowledgeable about the field of publishing and has her thumb on the pulse of the ins and outs of the business. Her suggestions to improve characters, situations, plot are thoughtful, creative, and professional, but never at the cost of the voice or strong opinions of her writers. She's warm, kind, smart, and a driven and hard worker.” 

Lucy Banks, author of

Dr Ribero series

“Cherrita helped me with editing several books, and always had great, constructive suggestions for how to improve them. She also has great attention to detail and a genuine love of language, which really shines through.” 

Jane Rosenberg LaForge,

author of The Hawkman

Cherrita Lee taught me the importance of every sentence in a manuscript. While working on the text of my first novel, Cherrita read through everything, from the phrases, conjunctions, prepositions to the coordinating clauses, to ensure they made sense. She worked on both the individualized meaning of each sentence to their effect on the entire context. This was so important to me because I too often will write for sound and get carried away. Cherrita brought my work down to earth, where the reader will first encounter it. Without her I would have had an airy novel without any foundation to recommend it. Thank you Cherrita for remembering how novels begin and the anchors readers need.  

Mathea Morais, author of

There You Are

I was lucky enough to have the honor of working with Cherrita on my debut novel There You Are. What immediately struck me was her fierce loyalty and dedication to her authors. Cherrita is literally everything you want from an editor - thoughtful, thorough, communicative, and collaborative. There was not one moment from start to finish, where I didn't know that my work and my words were being taken care of. I cannot possibly recommend her highly enough. 

Eric Bower, author of
the Bizarre Baron Inventions

“I had the pleasure of working with Cherrita Lee on my first four published books. Her meticulousness, her sense of humor, and her instant understanding of the tone and sensibility of my writing made her an invaluable editor and collaborator. I can’t imagine how the books would have turned out without her insight and guidance, as well as her wide range of knowledge about everything from the oxidation of copper, to Batman the Animated Series. In addition to her technical skill as an editor, Cherrita is also an excellent communicator, and a very kind and thoughtful person. It was easy to trust her with my work, and I always felt like my books were in good hands. I look forward to working with her again, because I know my writing will be that much better.” 

Carrie Callaghan, author of
A Light of Her Own
Salt the Snow

I had the pleasure of working with Cherrita on two novels, and both times she pushed me to fine-hone my protagonist and sharpen my characters' emotional journeys. Cherrita wasn't afraid to tell me what wasn't working, and what still wasn't working -- an essential skill in an editor -- and she made each book stronger. She has a deep love for stories, words, and books, and she distills that passion into the tip of her editor's pen. 

CK Malone, author of

A Costume for Charly


Popi's All Souls Song

Cherrita has an excellent editorial eye and provides feedback in a constructive and empathetic manner. While she was unable to see my second book through until the end, she chose a gorgeous illustrator who captured my story perfectly. She is a fierce crusader for diverse voices and underrepresented creatives. She actively sought out illustrators for me that were from diverse backgrounds, and I couldn't have been happier. When we Zoomed 1-on-1, the exchange was affable and helpful. I find her to be an asset to whichever business hires her. I couldn't imagine being disappointed in her editorial eye and desire for more representation in publishing.