About Me

Cherrita Lee loves anime, gaming, K-Pop, and all things nerdy. One of her favorite things to do is sit down with her husband and son and crochet while watching anime. She has fond memories of reading Beowulf and The Island of Doctor Moreau in elementary school.  She studied History, Classics (Latin), and Biology in college, and narrowly avoided the medical school track. She’s studied more languages than makes sense, and although she’s only fluent in English, she can find the nearest library in a handful more. Cherrita is proud to be 'intersectional af" as a queer, disabled, biracial Black woman with AuDHD,  and she loves seeing the diversity of the world reflected in the media she consumes.

An editor since college, Cherrita has over fifteen years of editorial experience both inside academia and in publishing. As an editor, Cherrita prefers to work closely and collaboratively, allowing authors to remain the masters of their stories. She has worked both in freelance and with established publishers. As an intersectional editor she brings a keen eye, diverse knowledge, and a unique perspective to  the work that she edits.

 I’m currently freelancing while looking for a new editorial position. Feel free to reach out if you find yourself in need of editorial services or mentorship.